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The best party ever

"I just wanted to say thank you for a really wonderful party, my daughter's words were "the best party ever". The children all really enjoyed themselves and eating their wonderfully made food. Thank you again. "

I love my Mummy...

"When I got my mothers day card from Dom, that he had made at nursery, it said "I love my mummy because she takes me to Little Cookies"! Hopefully see you soon!"

Now willing to try new foods

“Thomas was a child who had a limited list of foods he would eat, and was not prepared to try anything new, even when helping to make it at home.  However, at Little Cookies he was more willing to try the foods, and to our delight, he really enjoyed eating them as well.  He is now much more confident in trying new foods and still talks a great deal about Little Cookies, although we had to leave there 12 months ago when he started full time school.  Not being able to go to Little Cookies was a huge shame, for both me and Thomas, as we both enjoyed it, and also because he was doing so well with his eating whilst having fun at the same time.”
Karen and Thomas

"Grace had always been quite a fussy eater, and then when her baby sister was born she went through a stage of refusing to eat at all.....just to get our attention!  I knew that I had to something about it, and when I saw the advertisement for Little Cookies at Grace's playgroup I thought that it sounded like a great idea.  Grace really enjoyed the trial session so we signed up for the rest of the term.  She was always willing to taste whatever foods were on offer - especially with the promise of reward stickers! 
The 'tasting passport' idea was excellent too as this gave her a real incentive to try new foods.  We both enjoyed the themed sessions, and preparing the recipes together, and have repeated several of them at home.  I am delighted to say that Grace is now a fantastic eater and rarely fusses over food. "
Anna and Grace 

“Before we attended Little Cookies, my daughter Lucy would only eat  the same old tried and trusted foods. She started tasting new things at your very first lesson and hasn't looked back since! “
Lisa and Lucy

....and even growing mushrooms and making soup

“Thomas was quite a fussy eater and not naturally willing to try new foods, so I originally decided to  go to a trial session at Little Cookies to try to encourage him with tasting new foods or dishes.  Although he was quite young at the begiinning, it was such a success that we signed up for a term and ended up attending for over a year.  During that time he learnt new cooking techniques, how food was grown, introduced to new foods and he now loves growing his own vegetables.  He has grown mushrooms and made (and ate) his own mushroom soup! The real breakthrough for us was the Little Cookies Tasting Passport as I wrote down all the new foods he had tried in the week and regardless of whether he liked them or not he still got a sticker! For us, it was a positive way to break out of the cycle of mealtime battles!”
Susan and Thomas

An experience highly recommended!

“What a wonderful experience to become ‘un grand chef’ at Little Cookies!  Not only are the children enjoying the cooking, mixing, chopping, whisking and rolling, but they appreciate the different themes of each week by colouring their drawings and listening to stories.  It’s not only the mums sharing their skills with the children, but recipes are cooked at home and passed on to family and friends so we can all enjoy the tastes of very colourful and easy recipes.
Little Cookies: An experience highly recommended!”
Marie-Françoise and Louis

An activity we BOTH enjoy

 “Kate and I loved Little Cookies. She became very independent at cooking and we made some fantastic dishes (both savoury and sweet) which we could have for tea! Each session is themed and Francesca puts lots of effort into matching the accompanying art activity, tasting activity and story. And there’s no mess to clear up at the end! Out of all the pre-school activities we’ve attended, this was the one that we (both) enjoyed the most.”
Gill and Kate (four and a half)

"I like trying best"

“I like going to cooking class because I like trying best [i.e. tasting]. My favourite recipe was the one with peppers”
 Nathan attended Little Cookies while aged 3-4½.

“It’s been excellent for teaching my boys about food and getting them to try some dishes that are different from the run-of-the-mill children’s fayre”
Lorna (Nathan’s Mum)

Still using the Little Cookies Taster Passport!

girl licking icecream

“Zoe really enjoyed her Little Cookies course. She was very enthusiastic about getting stuck into the chopping, baking, tasting, etc and has carried this through to our own kitchen where she regularly 'cooks'. Whenever trying anything new, she still wants to add it to her Little Cookies taster passport.”
Alan and Zoe

Simple and nutritious recipes

"Little Cookies was a great chance for Stefan to bake other things other than fairy cakes at home! It also encouraged Stefan to try new foods from the recipes made in the classes. The recipes Francesca used were simple, nutritious and easy to replicate back at home. Thanks!"
Lily and Stefan

Allergies not a problem

“My Son has gone to Little Cookies for over a year and has loved it. Due to his allergies to egg and fish, I had done limited cooking with him at home. I was concerned whether he would be accepted into a cooking class but Francesca took great efforts to take account of his allergies and researched appropriate substitutes. Little Cookies has proved to be fun for both me and my son, whilst being very educational. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a pre-school child.”
Dominica and Ben

Still cooking the recipes at home

“I attended Little Cookies with my son, Thomas and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Each week Francesca had a theme which was incorporated in the chosen recipe, as well as in a craft, a tasting session and a story to end the class.  The recipes were excellent (and quite sophisticated!) as they appealed to both children and adults (not a fairy cake in sight!). I have kept all the recipes and tried a few at home.  I would definitely recommend this course.”
Maria and Thomas

Learning/educational element made fun

“Myself and my son have enjoyed this class immensely.  It has been such a lovely thing to do together, and the children just love to get stuck in preparing the dishes.  The structure of the class is excellent as there is always a learning/educational element which is made so fun by tasting sessions and interactive time.  The recipes are super and I frequently do them again and again at home!  I am so sad my child is starting school so we are no longer able to do it.”
Karine and Henry

All the difficult and messy things done for you

"Ashley has particularly enjoyed the pastry and pizza making - i.e. the dough and the mucky hands !!. The great thing about your class is that you do all the difficult things like prepare the items (weigh etc), wash up and provide something to do whilst we are waiting for the dish to cook which takes so much of the pressure off us. Also you have encouraged me to make more effort with my cooking.  For example, today I have made a home-made egg and bacon quiche (own pastry) and a cheese-cake that included homemade lemon curd !!"
Lucy and Ashley

“We are getting to taste food that we wouldn’t have even thought about trying and without the mess at home.”
Alison and Freya


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